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V2 Cigs are one of the brands that constantly make it to the top of the lists. We decided that it was only fair to take a closer look. After all, there were so many positive and glowing reviews on the internet that it was only going to be a matter of time before you had a closer inspection. Believe it or not, we were actually pleasantly surprised.



We will start with the V2 Cigs Starter Kits. It just makes sense.

There are a few different kids that you can get your hands on, starting with the most basic – V2 Express Kit. You get one battery, one USB charger and one cartridge for $24.95. Not bad…. South Beach Smoke are offering basically the same kind of package for $29.99 and that’s with $10 off. They only got three stars in their review too.

The V2 Standard Kit is the one that you should probably look at. For $59.95 you can get your hands on 10 cartridges, 2 batteries, a mains charger and USB charger. You could go one down from that to the Economy Kit but then you would only have one battery and for the extra $10, it makes more sense to just buy the bigger starter kit.

You can buy cartridges one pack of five at a time right up to 80 pack cartridges, and they even accept custom orders. $9.95 will buy you a pack of five and if you wanted to sample the flavors, they offer a starter/sampler of 10 flavors for $16.95. That’s not bad going if you are a newbie to the brand and want to try the flavors before you buy, so to speak.


The good thing about V2 Cigs is that they offer a wide range of batteries:

  • V2 Shorty Cig – 100mm
  • V2 Standard Cig – 110mm
  • V2 Long Cig – 140mm

They are said to last 160 puffs, 290 puffs and 300 puffs respectively. Of course, this will depend very much on how you smoke them you will need to find your own way and then see how long they last you.

You can customize your battery colors too if this is important to you. White, black, silver and blue are your options, and they have various tip-color options for the different batteries as well. We do love a bit of variety!


Yes, that’s right guys – V2 Cigs even do e-liquid. They are one of the only brands out there to realize that we never buy cartridges to go with your e-cigarettes, we always buy liquids and decided to dell us those as well. This is one of the main reasons why we love this brand so much – you can get everything you need right in one place, without having to look around for the best deals on e-liquids on top of everything else.

A 50ml bottle will set you back around $29.95. When you consider that the average 30ml is about $10, you don’t have a bad deal there really. This is especially the case when you consider that you only have one lot of shipping to pay for, rather than two.

There are 4 nicotine strengths and 10 flavors, which is about right for an e-cigarette brand. There are some that offer you more of a variety but when you consider that this is e-liquid as well as cartridges, you can understand why it is so popular.

The flavors that you can get are:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cherry
  • Mint tea
  • Peppermint
  • Menthol
  • Congress
  • Red
  • Sahara

We would imagine the final three are generic tobacco flavors – there isn’t really a hint as to what they could be. Also, they recommend that a 50ml bottle will fill a cartridge (or multiple cartridges) a total of 50 times.

Think of the $$$ that you could be saving!


It’s important to look at the warranties with these electronic cigarette companies otherwise things can get very expensive very quickly.

You have a lifetime warranty with V2 Cigs but this is only valid for 5 replacements. When you consider that the average battery can last from 4 months to a year, depending on how you use it, that’s enough to get you through for a fair while, and should be fine to get you through if you want to use e-cigs to quit smoking entirely, reducing the nicotine content as you go, but certainly isn’t a “lifetime warranty” as such, is it? We feel that this is perhaps false advertising and didn’t please us much when we found out about it.


There were a few things that we felt let the side down for V2 Cigs, despite their customer service being great and their website actually being a pleasure to work around. We never thought we would say that about a website but we did.

Unfortunately however, their cartridges weren’t the best tasting ones that we had ever tried. They weren’t repulsive by any means, but they weren’t the greatest. The vapor that they produced was pretty impressive, however, and we felt that that fact earned the brand another star back. It’s hard to find an electronic cigarette with a decent amount of vapor. We also found that the throat hit was a good one too, which again, earned them back their points.

Also we found that there wasn’t a manual in the packaging that we received, which we felt was a little odd. For a newbie to the world of e-cigs, it can be confusing trying to figure everything out for the first time.

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