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Although you may have thought of diets first and foremost when you read “South Beach”, we aren’t actually talking about the latest Hollywood diet. No, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about South Beach Smoke – one of the many electronic cigarette companies out there. This brand seems to be one of the popular ones, but does that mean it wins the title? We decided we should take a closer look…


Home Delivery Program

This was one of the very first things that sprung to our attention as we began to take a closer look at South Beach Smoke. When you sign up to the program, not only do you get a lifetime warranty but you also get 20% off all future orders for cartridges with the brand. Finding a price for this, as well as terms and conditions, seemed to be a tad more difficult.

From what we could make out, you pick the “Special Member” price for the cartridges when you order them, and this places you on a program in which you can change the frequency that you receive your new cartridges automatically, but also flavors, strengths and even allows you to pause the scheme should you go away on vacation.

Flavors & Strengths

The best e-cigarettes are going to be those that come in various strength levels because, if you are planning to quit smoking, you are going to need to decrease the nicotine levels that you inhale over time. This might not seem so important right not but in a few months time when you want to switch up your strength level and take it down a notch, you don’t want to be disappointed to learn that you will need to switch brands in order to do so.

South Beach Smoke had a half decent variety of flavors and strengths:

  • Non-Nicotine – 0mg
  • Ultra Light – 6mg
  • Light – 12mg
  • Full Flavored – 16mg

And there are 10 flavors:

  • Peppermint
  • Pina Colada
  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Menthol
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Tobacco Blue
  • Tobacco Classic

This seems to be a standard/average selection. There are some companies that offer more and definitely some that offer less. Njoy, for example, only offers 2 flavors!

Starter Kits

The basic Deluxe Starter Kit gives you 5 cartridges, a mains charger, USB charger and two batteries – standard and extra-capacity for a reduced price of $59.99, normally $79.99. To be honest, the price wasn’t too bad – the normal retail price is among those in the higher-priced e-cigarette category, but the reduced offer actually made them relatively cheap. Compare South Beach Smoke to Green Smoke and you will see what we are talking about.

They also offer a reusable Express Kit that gives you a USB charger, battery and cartridge in a cute little cardboard box for just $29.99. This isn’t such a bad deal for a quick try or a top-up.

The accessories aren’t bad but the carry case was a bit pricey, we felt, coming in at a whopping $18. When you look at some of the other e-cig brands, the accessories were a big on the more expensive side.


South Beach Smoke have a pretty impressive refer-a-friend scheme going on which we feel should get a mention. When someone is referred by you and places an order, not only do you get a $25 gift certificate, but your friend will get 10% off their first order too. On top of that, your next order gets 10% off too! That’s pretty impressive, right?

The Drawbacks

I bet you are wondering why South Beach Smoke was just given three stars, right?

Well, we felt that their lifetime warranty was a great deal, especially when it was combined with their home delivery cartridge program, but you can’t refill the cartridges should you want to save even more money. You were only allowed to use their cartridges and if they were found to be refilled with other liquid, your warranty would be void. You do need to look at how much money you would be saving on e-liquid and then look at the cost of replacing the batteries, etc, yourself. This is a judgment call that only you can make as a consumer.

They do offer you above and beyond what other brands will offer you but only at a price and for most of us, we would rather have the cheaper option and do some of the hard work ourselves rather than have it delivered right to our doors.

Another drawback that we found with South Beach Smoke was that their cartridges were not clearly labeled, which meant that we had to refer back to the website. This isn’t great, especially to a newbie of the world of e-cigs. Perhaps more clearly labeled cartridges are the way forward?

In conclusion, we found South Beach Smoke to be a satisfying experience, but there were a few things that stopped them from being the best e-cigarettes. These things may only be minor flaws but to us, they made a difference. The e-cigarette world is a tough one and you need to go above and beyond to make it with harsh reviewers like us, right?

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