Let’s be honest about why you are here – you want to know the real truth about Njoy e-cigarettes. You don’t want to hear about what a fabulous special deal they have going on, or the filled-with-fluff testimonials that you are sure aren’t real, splattered all over their websites. You want the real truth. It's time to find out the truth....


Are you ready to handle the truth?

Many people are first drawn to Njoy as a brand of electronic cigarette because they are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other brands on the market. This is helped by the current banner that has been plastered all over the website stating that you could try the cig for free. You do have to wonder why a brand as big and reliable as Njoy would have to give their products away for free. A special offer or money off coupon deal seems fair enough in the world of e-cigs, why would a company have to give their stuff away? It doesn’t bode well…

For the newbie to the world of e-cigs, the rather appealing $21.99 for a battery, cartridge, refill, charger and user guide lures many customers in. The disposables are also fairly reasonably priced when compared to other brands, with a three-pack costing around $27.

As a brand, Njoy seem to specialize in the disposables rather than the rechargeable varieties. The Express Kit seems to be the one starter pack they do offer, and when you consider that one battery is never going to be enough, you have to worry if buying everything separately is going to be cost effective.

A second battery is just $14.99, and the cartridge refills are $21.99 for 5. This means that the basic kit would cost you around $60, which is in keeping with many of the other brands offering the same sort of product. In fact, you would class this as one of the higher priced e-cigs, which surely must mean that the product is a good one…?

We ripped open the packaging…

Obviously excited to open our newest electronic cigarette and give it a bash, the Njoy e-cig fell well below par.

The first problem we encountered was that it felt cheaply made. There are many positive reviews on Njoy around on the internet, but it would seem that the company itself recently underwent a change and it was in the light of this change that the negative reviews started coming. It’s a good job we hadn’t reviewed this sooner and accidentally given the company a better review than it now deserves!

Cutting to the chase, we are only going to give the Njoy electronic cigarette one star out of five, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why:

  • The packaging was so haphazard; we were surprised that it came to us in one piece. A pretty flimsy cardboard box/packaging was randomly stuffed with the contents of our starter kit. This was strange – surely a company of this size and caliber would have better packaging ideas than this?! It certainly wasn’t the first impression we had hoped for, that was for sure.
  • The product itself felt very cheaply made. For one thing it would seem that there was no stopper once the cartridge had been firmly screwed on to the top of the battery – the thing just kept spinning, making the entire smoking experience a rather annoying one.
  • There were only two flavors available here – the traditional tobacco one, and an extra minty one. That’s it? Two flavors? Even the smallest of e-cig brands have managed to create more flavors than this. What is going on? We want variety in our e-cig flavors and it certainly wasn’t the spice of life here, we can tell you!
  • When we actually came to smoke the e-cig, there was so little vapor, we weren’t even sure that it was working. We kept puffing and puffing away and there appeared to be nothing happening as a result of it. The hit on the back of the throat didn’t amount to much either – all in all the experience was a rather boring and uninteresting one.
  • The liquid kept finding its way out of the cartridge and into my mouth. This was possibly one of the rankest tastes I’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing. It also burns, just so you are aware.

Although it seems bad, there are some pros to the Njoy brand, although these are hardly worth mentioning after the shockingly bad review we have just given them, leaving them with just one star out of a possible five.

They do offer a recycling scheme which means that you can get one free Njoy disposable cigarette when you send eight empty ones back. It hardly seems worth it when you think about it – you will have spent $8.99 on each e-cig, not including shipping, so after 8 you would have spent $71.92. All you will get back from sending those empty Njoy e-cigs back is one freebie worth just $8.99. With a product as poor as it is, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

All in all the experience with Njoy wasn’t one that we, well…. enjoyed really. It was boring, it was dull and there was no bang for our buck. Luckily, there’s a 30 day money back policy if you are not happy which is probably for the best. We would imagine a lot of people are using it.

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