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It would seem that Blu Cigs have recently undergone a change, opting to fit their e-cigarette designs into a design that works for us. They have now gone to a 2-piece design which, we feel, has benefited everybody! Could that be enough to get them into the fame? Let’s have a look, shall we?


Starting with the Starter Kits

It makes sense to start where you guys are going to start, so Starter Kits it is!

Available in both black and white designs, you can get your hands on the Premium Starter Kit, the first one that jumps out at you, for the rather high price of $79.95. 2 batteries, mains and USB chargers, 5 cartridges and a handy carry case. This, for one, is very expensive. Our five star reviewed e-cigarette, Green Smoke, offers practically the same for $20 less. Blu Cigs are going to need to pull something special out in order to warrant charging such prices for the average, run of the mill starter kit.

You can get the Original E-Cig Starter Kit for $69.95 but this only gives you one battery and we all know that it won’t be enough. The Premium 100 E-Cigarette Starter Kit sells for $89.95 also, and we assume this is because it comes with 2 longer batteries… or so we hope…

We did later find out that Premium and Premium 100 batteries and cartridges were better quality and longer-lasting, with the Premium 100 variety being the best one that they offered.


Blu Cigs do disposables too – classic tobacco and magnificent menthol are available in a 4 pack for $39.95. When you consider that you can pick these up while you are out and about for between $5 and $10 a piece, this seems about right, although a tad on the higher priced end of the spectrum.

Flavors & Strengths

Four strengths are available with Blu Cigs and this seems to be about right for the average brands – high (13-16mg), medium (9-12mg), low (6-8mg) and non-nicotine (0mg). We are not a fan of the approximations of mg here – we would prefer an exact amount. This is just us being picky though.

They only offer seven flavors of cartridge and, again, no e-liquid:

  • Peach Schnapps
  • Pina Colada
  • Java Jolt
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Magnificent Menthol
  • Cherry Crush
  • Vivid Vanilla

Cute names and great packaging, but we would prefer more variety Blu Cig, if you’re listening. The other thing that we were fairly impressed with was the fact that the cartridges had a clear indication of what flavor and strength was inside. We had a problem with

Celeb Power!

You can’t really talk about Blu Cig without mentioning the massive celebrity fan base it seems to have acquired, which could suggest a reason behind the higher price tag than other electronic cigarette brands. Stephen Dorff is just one of a long line of celebs seen out and about puffing away on a Blu Cig e-cig. Their beautiful color options add to the appeal of course – classic white and black suggest simplicity and sophistication. They look better than their white battery, orange filter counterparts!


We can never stress the importance of checking out the warranty with these e-cig companies enough. If it seems too good to be true, there is a very high chance it is. Blu Cigs tried to keep things simple though, offering a one year warranty in which your battery will be replaced as long as you send the faulty once back.

This is annoying for two reasons – firstly you will need to purchase a replacement battery and wait for it to arrive in order to use it while you are sending the original one back to the company. Then you need to wait and the site suggests up to two weeks. This isn’t a great start. We love the simplicity of the warranty process here, and the honesty they show about it, but having to buy a replacement before you can send away for your replacement doesn’t seem like the greatest option.


You can earn loyalty points for buying from Blu Cig and the scheme seems to be in line with the other e-cig brands that are out there. If you buy a starter kit, you will bag yourself 350 points. You can then use your points for percentages off items, rather than money off, which is a twist in the tale. Those 300 points will get you a discount of 25% on a pack of cartridges which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s not a bad deal. We will say that the point’s scheme did appear to be a tad confusing when it has been put in this way, but money off is better than nothing and some brands out there don’t even let you earn this!

Uh Oh!

You guessed it – we found the bad points to Blu Cigs. It seemed to be going so well up until this point, right?

Firstly, shipping took forever. There was a delay with one of our orders and then a problem with another. The customer service was great but honestly, this wasn’t a great start. It was our first order and not only did we have to wait ages for our items to arrive, there was a mix-up with what we received.

Secondly, we felt that the amount of vapor that the e-cig produced was well below par, especially when you look at the price of the e-cig itself. It wasn’t a great experience and we felt that the gadget was lacking in some punch-power. If they were to make it a bit stronger, this could be in the running for becoming one of the best e-cigarettes. Well, once they have sorted out their ordering and delivery process as well, of course. The reason behind the poor vapor could be because their cartridges are made propylene glycol free, but we’d rather have more of a punch to our e-cigarette. The throat hit wasn’t much to shout home about either.

The third problem that we had with Blu Cig is that their menthol and classic tobacco flavors had weird traces of vanilla flavor in there. We thought it might have been because they were close together in the packaging but we all said the same thing… How very odd?!

When you add that with the higher price tag, poor vapor and throat hit, limited flavors and ordering problems, we didn’t have the greatest of experiences with this e-cigarette.

But What about the Social Features?

One thing that we shouldn’t fail to mention is the fact that the Premium and Premium 100 starter kits come with a case that vibrates and flashes when you are close to a retailer that stocks them, or another Blu Cig user. This means that you can randomly walk around and stalk those around you that some the same brand of e-cig. You are going to look crazy if you start calling out for the other Blu Cig users in the bar when your pack vibrates and flashes. We probably wouldn’t advise it.

There are some pretty impressive charger options on the new battery charger packs. There are lights that show you when a gadget is charging, and also when the pack is running out of battery. There is no need to screw the e-cigs into the case either with the Premium and Premium 100 packs, and the lights on the charging pack and USB charger ensured that you would know when the charge was complete, and prevent overcharging.

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