E-Cigarette Batteries: Huh?

You need all the battery power you can muster when it comes to electronic cigarettes; we’ve already pretty much established that point. When you run out of power, you run out of smokes, and that is more than likely going to push you over the edge and cause you to buy a packet of “real” cigarettes. This is something you definitely do not want to do, especially if you have managed to steer well clear of the burning variety of cigarettes for some time now.

What is the point in going through all that and doing really well, only to give up on your quest because you ran out?

Making sure that you have enough batteries for your e-cig is important, but so is picking the right type, size, style and color of battery, as well as many other essential factors.

The wrong battery and the wrong product could leave you with a very bad taste in your mouth, quite literally. The battery must have enough power within it to produce the vapor and hit that you crave, while at the same time not making it so powerful that it is unbearable to smoke. There are many products out there that get the combination wrong, but there are a few really good ones that seem to be getting it so right!

You will find that there are often various battery options – long ones, short ones, USB ones, long-lasting, disposable, rechargeable…. It can get a little confusing so we decided to make life easier for you.


These are simple – you buy them, you smoke them and when you run out of battery, you throw it away and buy a new one.


These e-cigs are just as you would think – rather than throwing them away when the battery has run out as you do with the disposables, you plug them in and charge them up, much in the same way as you would with your cell phone.


Obviously, as with most things, the bigger the battery, the more power it will hold. This means that it will last longer and require fewer charging sessions.

The shorter batteries will hold less power, therefore needing charging more frequently and lasting you a shorter time.

The average battery, although it will say different things on different websites, will usually last you around about eight hours with occasional use. This means using it as you would a “real” cigarette – the odd cigarette break here and there, a bit of constant use over lunch, and perhaps a bit of smoking over coffee in the morning. You will usually find that when you get home in the evening, the cigarette will need to be charged.

With more frequent use, this shorter battery will usually last you only around two or three hours, but this is what we consider to be “chain puffing” – the same as “chain smoking.”

There are two other things that you will need to think about when it comes to your e-cigarette batteries as well….


These ones are easy and simple to understand – you suck on the end of the e-cig and the battery does all the hard work. It senses that you are drawing in air so that it needs to produce the vapor.


These ones basically have a button on them that you depress when you want to take a “drag” on your electronic cigarette. You will find that there are fewer of these kinds on the market as they often take more work and thinking on the part of the user. They do exist though and many people do prefer them! This type is a good idea if you go through batteries like they are going out of fashion. You can conserve your battery much more easily with the manual kind than you can with an automatic. The latter has a habit of going off by itself sometimes which can kill your battery quickly if you don’t notice it.

There are pros and cons for the two types of battery that we have just discussed. As we have mentioned, the manual ones can help to conserve power for heavy or clumsy users, but at the same time, the automatic ones tend to be easier. However, they do have a higher chance of leaking. This is even more so the case when you are refilling the cartridges yourself – always make sure that you don’t put too much liquid in there or things are going to get sticky and then they are going to break – unless you have plenty of spares lying around, this is not something that you are going to enjoy much.

There are some companies out there that have created batteries that are sealed so leakages aren’t a problem, but this is a relatively new concept and will take some time to make its way around the bigger companies.

Of course, you are in control of your own vaping/electronically smoking experience with a manual button – you press for how long you want, how hard you want, and for how much you want. You can reduce the necessity for “primer” puffs with the manual types. You’ll know what this is when you do it, and is a rather common problem for automatic e-cigs – you need to do a little puff before you do a big puff to get the full puffing experience.

You are likely to see a whole bunch of numbers scattered around the websites that you look at when you want to purchase the best e-cigarettes out there. As a general rule, it will say something fairly similar to:

2.5 inch batteries (smaller/standard) will give you around 300-400 puffs.

3.25 inch batteries (large) will give you around 500-600 puffs.

South Beach Smoke, for example, gives amounts that are roughly the same as those above but you will often find that the result is much less than anticipated, which is very disappointing for the average user. Of course there are plenty of things that you will need to take into consideration when you look at how long a battery will last you –

  • How often do you smoke your e-cig?
  • How long do you inhale for?
  • What is the quality of the e-cig that you have purchased?
  • Is it manual or automatic?
  • Are you letting you drain your battery down before you charge it?
  • How are you charging it? for
  • How long have you had the battery?

All of the above can change the way that your battery works and is those factors that will determine the right e-cigarette battery for you.

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